Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Product: Luxemburgerli


I received yesterday a small gift which included a sweet surprise. This sweet temptation is called "Luxemburgerli" and you can acquire them in Switzerland in the shop called Lindt & Sprüngli.(click)

They come in this lovely packaging and are separated in two floors with nine macarons each. They are sweet meringue-based confectionery with different flavors. 

Because it was a gift, I don't know which flavors exactly were in this small box. But I try to guess it as good and appropriate as possible. 

Orange: Grand-Manier
Pink: Raspberry
White in the back: Chocolate-Champagne
White in the left corner: Vanilla
Brown: Mocha

These were my favorites! 

1. Chocolate-Champagne
2. Mocha
3. Vanilla
4. Gold
(yes, it's called like this but I have no idea what the flavor could be)

You have absolutely to try these if you haven't already. They are not the cheapest temptation but definitely one of the most delicious ones. You can either order them on the homepage or go directly to the store where you can try some flavors if you aren't sure which one you should take.