Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014


Hey guys!

How are you doing? I hope better than me because at the moment I could be fitter. But I hope that its gonna be better during the weekend. This post is called Instagram because I want to show you that I'm not just on Blogger active. I chose a few pictures from my feed so you get a first image. If you like my feed, feel free to follow - I would be very glad!

1. random  2. delicious breakfast 3. my big love: starbucks!
4. a new gelateria in town opened 5. happy mothersday! 6. a postcard from a friend

1. my everyday breakfast in my own apartment because I always forget to buy bread
2. at my parents home 3. Zurich Openair '13 4. view on an early morning walk
5. Munich summer '14 6. one of my favorite restaurants in Berne - Cha Cha

1. ice cream in Munich 2. a lovely bar in Solothurn 3. Amsterdam '13
4. random 5. me randomly 6. a concert in Zurich



1. one of my favorite movies - Candy 2. the best tea ever - Yogi-Tea
3. hanging on my wall 4. earrings and collarbones 5. lovely garden
6. reading "extremely loud and incredibly close

you can find me here SarahRahelAlena.

Have a nice start in the weekend,